Monday, October 20, 2008

Maybe its Land

Wisconsin Land

It could be what is hot for the next couple of years. I mean if the economy doesn't go back to the way it was, which I think we all know it won't.

Just think prices on vacant land have not dropped that much, why? Because at the end of the day no matter how bad it gets you will always have something real in land. Something that only the government can take away from you. You can hold it, or sell it at will. Its value is exaserbated when you grow crops or develop the property with a home, or commercial use.

In Wisconsin Dells its pretty rural so finding land for hunting is fairly easy, and most of it tends to be at least partially wooded. Ranging from 2000 up to about 8000 per acre land can be very safe to buy and an investment in your lifestyle versus your bank account.

Looking to buy some land? Here are some websites and links to get you going!!

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wisconsin Dells Party

Well it's here again and is getting quite well known as one of the best events in Wisconsin Dells. Wha-zo-wa its called and it includes live music,food, and a large parade. This year the RE/MAX Balloon will also be making a flyover which Wisconsin Dells agent Rudy McCormick will attend, shooting photos and enjoying the scene.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Internet Marketing for Realtors

Lake Delton Mid Summer Update

Well it looks like the folks at the D.O.T. have an idea of what they would like to do to fix the lake. That is great!

This summer started off on a good note and even though the lake is gone, some people still brave high gas prices, and increasing worrys about job loss and other factors to show up here at one of the state's best playgrounds. Traffic downtown has been a bit sluggish, but still weekends seem busy.

People all around the area can benifit from all the media attention the area has been getting, however, even the local economic indicators are showing signs of turmoil.

Wisconsin Dells Real Estate sales have been quite slow this year, which I am sure is not unlike other area's of the country. Castle Rock Lake Real Estate has seen a downturn as well.

"I think folks are really just waiting out the storm and waiting for lower gas prices to help spur the economy", said Mike Polubinsky from Rivers Edge Resort.

Rudy McCormick, owner and writer of the Wisconsin Dells Blog, and McCormick Web Marketing, has started a new internet marketing business in hopes to help some of the local business people increase some of their online return on investmant.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lake Delton Moving Forward Despite Incredable Disaster

Lake Delton will surely never be the same.

Joseph Leute/Contributed
By Trevor Kupfer, Dells Events

State and local officials are already planning rebuilding efforts — and are confident that it will qualify for federal disaster aid — after intense rainfall emptied Lake Delton into the Wisconsin River Monday morning, taking five buildings with it despite efforts to advert the disaster.

Around 4 a.m. Monday morning, hundreds of volunteers — including village officials and workers from both boat companies, Tommy Bartlett's and Noah's Ark — gathered at Lake Delton Dam to create a barrier of sandbags.

"From 3 o'clock to 7 o'clock the water continued to go up," Trustee Tom Diehl said. "There was no way to stop it."

During this time, officials realized water from the lake was moving over the roadway on Highway A.

"The dam was holding up fine and then the area near County Highway A breached," said village engineer John Langhans, one of the volunteers. "And once that started, there was nothing that would have stopped it."

As the 700 million gallons of water continued to flow, it increasingly eroded Anchor Bay, eventually taking three homes into the river and splitting two others in half. The breach was estimated at 400 feet wide with water more than 12 feet deep.

It also uprooted several trees and utility lines, which led to an hour-long gas leak and a broken sewer pipe temporarily flowed directly into the river. There were no injuries from the event, as officials evacuated residents early that morning.

Just after the roadway breached, the village board held an emergency meeting to establish a response. The first priority was to immediately concentrate their efforts around Pump Station 1, where significant erosion on both sides created an island and threatened its operation.

The police, meanwhile, needed to launch their rescue boat as people continued to fish on the lake at 11 a.m. By 2 p.m. the lake was almost entirely empty, and the department's boat is now stuck in the middle of the lake.

In order to start the rebuilding procedure, Police Chief Tom Dorner and Clerk-Treasurer Kay Mackesey drafted a disaster declaration letter, while other village officials worked on a damage assessment.

"It's more than just the repair costs," attorney Richard Cross said. "There's also the damages to property owners and businesses, so we're easily looking at seven figures if not eight."

The damage assessment will expedite the federal decision of whether or not to declare Lake Delton a disaster area, said Tim Stieve, administrator of Emergency Management, Buildings and Safety for Sauk County.

"It's not a really quick process, but from what I know so far ... I'd be surprised if we weren't federally declared a disaster area," he added.

A disaster area is dictated by the President of the United States and Federal Emergency Management Agency. If labeled as such, Lake Delton stands to receive a significant amount of aid, including a pay program that has the federal government picking up 75 percent or more of the costs, leaving the state, county and village to divide up 25 percent of the rebuilding bills.

"FEMA has been very good with us the last couple of years. So we're hoping we'll get a response from them very quickly," said Gov. Jim Doyle, who arrived by helicopter Monday afternoon along with Rep. Doc Hines, Sen. Luther Olsen and Brigadier General Don Dunbar of the National Guard.

During the emergency meeting of the village board, Langhans contacted Rep. Doc Hines about receiving state aid. After the meeting Diehl contacted Gov. Doyle. Both of the officials arrived on the scene, along with two National Guard helicopters, to an audience comprised of dozens of media outlets and hundreds of onlookers.

If the federal government does not recognize Lake Delton as a disaster area, it could still stand to receive financial assistance from the State Disaster Fund. But that scenario is not likely, Doyle said.

"What our fund does is try to pick up what the federal doesn't, but I don't think there's any question that all of the counties that I designated will be declared a disaster," he said referring to the 29 counties including Adams, Columbia, Sauk, Juneau and Marquette. "If they aren't, I don't know what qualifies."

While flooding in Waukesha and other cities in southeastern Wisconsin effected more people and structures, Doyle said Lake Delton tops the list in terms of physical damage.

"There's no doubt ... that this was the most dramatic," he said. "I don't think there's anything that compares to this in terms of the sheer force of what the water did."

Langhans told village officials that they'd likely begin working on a temporary structure, like a dam, to close off the 300-foot gap and begin refilling the lake as early as Tuesday.

"The big concern held by everybody here is, when this drains the lake, will we be able to get the water levels back up and, if so, how fast?" he said.

Though officials could not estimate how long the lake will be gone, Assistant Zoning Administrator Jess Eastman said it certainly won't be several years.

"I heard some reports that said it wouldn't be back for two years," he said. "Don't they realize that this community's livelihood is the lake?"

The Department of Natural Resources would need to approve the structure, which Langhans said would likely need a culvert in case it happens again. Langhans added that Gasser Construction may haul in stone to begin a temporary road as well.

Though some reports alleged that Mirror Lake Dam broke, it continued to hold up throughout the event with a significant amount of water flowing over it. Because the dam will control the flow into what's left of Lake Delton, Mirror Lake will not empty.

The board gave Langhans "carte blanche" to continue repairs and preventative measures, with the understanding that the officials meet every morning this week for updates.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Listings and Storm Damage

Steps to take to alleviate water damage.
Article Submitted by Rudy McCormick- RE/MAX Preferred based on writing by author and writer Phoebe Chongchua.

When you first spot a water problem, Colombo says act quickly. Surprisingly many homeowners delay taking action and later create more expenses and necessary clean up.

“The critical thing when that happens is to quickly follow our procedures to remove the water and get the structure drying quickly to evaporate that moisture out of all those porous materials so that they dry back to the normal levels and don’t develop a mold problem,” says Colombo.

The first step is to get the water up. Next, Colombo says you need to get ventilation into the house. Experts may need to pull up carpet or wood floors and the walls may need to be physically opened or cut into so that the wet insulation that’s inside them can begin to dry.

Colombo says once everything is set up for the drying process to begin, an anti-microbial spray should be applied to sanitize the area. This is especially important if the water damage is from an unclean water source such as a sewer drain back-up.

Fans and de-humidifers should then be strategically placed in the area to help expedite the drying phase. “The drying phase with the equipment usually takes between three to five days,”

Delaying can be costly and risky for your health.

“Depending on the environmental conditions, mold can develop in as little as 24 to 48 hours after a water damage event,” says Colombo. It varies depending on a lot of circumstances, but mold can develop fairly quickly so a lot of times we will go through the house to investigate some sort of water spot that showed up on the ceiling and we come to find out that it’s been leaking for quite a long time and the inside of that ceiling is now all moldy,” says Colombo.

The bottom line is don’t delay. “As soon as you see something wrong, get it taken care of,” says Colombo. He adds, “Don’t put it off. Those types of things don’t go away and they don’t get better by themselves.”

Be involved in the claim process.

Be sure to speak with your insurance company to see what if any amount of the damage is covered. Colombo recommends that you be in constant contact with your claim’s adjuster and insurance agent. “Be very involved in the claim process,” says Colombo. He adds that, in order to get what you are owed for the claim, “You need to have a good company helping you that is experienced in the insurance business.”
If you have roof damage in the area Advanced Designs can help.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Dells Graduation

The Wisconsin Dells High School Class of 2008 reflected on their time in the Dells schools at graduation Thursday.

The ceremony that took place at the Crystal Grand Theatre in Lake Delton was attended by family of some 140 students who comprised the graduating class.

The valedictorian and salutatorian delivered a joint speech. After setting forth a few rules to live by, including things like loving, laughing, crying, staying true to yourself, working hard and not worrying about the things in life one cannot control, the valedictorian, Kristen Pacl, and salutatorian, Lindsey Gantz, proclaimed liberation for their graduating class.

"You're free. Free to live. Free to be you,"

"Free to do what we want," came an exclamation from one of the graduates seated in the front of the auditorium.

Class President Alyssa Swatek gave a speech as well. "We're a very opinionated and stubborn group. If we're told to do something, chances are we wouldn't. And if we're told not to do something, the chances of us doing it are pretty good," she said.

Swatek reminisced about the sometimes rebellious behavior of her graduating class and how they were too chatty in the lunch room, launched too many snowballs at one another and hurled the playground tire swing over the bar despite there being fellow students seated on it.

Wisconsin Dells High School math teacher Todd Braun delivered the graduation address, totaling figures pertaining to their educational experience since kindergarten. He said they would have spent 18,000 hours in school, played through 1,500 recesses, taken over 500 exams and gone to the Tommy Bartlett Water Show five times but graduate from high school only once.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wisconsin Real Estate

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