Monday, June 2, 2008

Dells Graduation

The Wisconsin Dells High School Class of 2008 reflected on their time in the Dells schools at graduation Thursday.

The ceremony that took place at the Crystal Grand Theatre in Lake Delton was attended by family of some 140 students who comprised the graduating class.

The valedictorian and salutatorian delivered a joint speech. After setting forth a few rules to live by, including things like loving, laughing, crying, staying true to yourself, working hard and not worrying about the things in life one cannot control, the valedictorian, Kristen Pacl, and salutatorian, Lindsey Gantz, proclaimed liberation for their graduating class.

"You're free. Free to live. Free to be you,"

"Free to do what we want," came an exclamation from one of the graduates seated in the front of the auditorium.

Class President Alyssa Swatek gave a speech as well. "We're a very opinionated and stubborn group. If we're told to do something, chances are we wouldn't. And if we're told not to do something, the chances of us doing it are pretty good," she said.

Swatek reminisced about the sometimes rebellious behavior of her graduating class and how they were too chatty in the lunch room, launched too many snowballs at one another and hurled the playground tire swing over the bar despite there being fellow students seated on it.

Wisconsin Dells High School math teacher Todd Braun delivered the graduation address, totaling figures pertaining to their educational experience since kindergarten. He said they would have spent 18,000 hours in school, played through 1,500 recesses, taken over 500 exams and gone to the Tommy Bartlett Water Show five times but graduate from high school only once.

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