Thursday, July 24, 2008

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Lake Delton Mid Summer Update

Well it looks like the folks at the D.O.T. have an idea of what they would like to do to fix the lake. That is great!

This summer started off on a good note and even though the lake is gone, some people still brave high gas prices, and increasing worrys about job loss and other factors to show up here at one of the state's best playgrounds. Traffic downtown has been a bit sluggish, but still weekends seem busy.

People all around the area can benifit from all the media attention the area has been getting, however, even the local economic indicators are showing signs of turmoil.

Wisconsin Dells Real Estate sales have been quite slow this year, which I am sure is not unlike other area's of the country. Castle Rock Lake Real Estate has seen a downturn as well.

"I think folks are really just waiting out the storm and waiting for lower gas prices to help spur the economy", said Mike Polubinsky from Rivers Edge Resort.

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