Monday, February 9, 2009

Castle Rock Lake Experience

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CASTLE ROCK LAKE- This week we are waiting for spring!! Snow conditions are great as long as you are on the water, otherwise conditions are variable, with some rough patches.
Castle Rock Lake is one of the best all around lakes in our entire state, its got everything your wild side needs to relax and enjoy life. In fact just the other day I went to Castle Rock Lake with my cousin, who was racing a couple of sleds in the big radar run at the dirty turtle bar. There were more ice fisherman than I expected, perfect ice conditions really brings them in I guess. The temp was around 12* F with 30-40 mph winds and flakes of snow blowing sideways across the vast open of the lake. Courtney and I got to basically stand around and help TJ whenever possible. As cold as it was outside, the bar was toasty warm with a huge fire raging in the stone fireplace. They have a great menu at the dirty turtle with tons of options from 3 different types of wings to several burgers, chicken, whatever you want basically. A couple of brandy 7’s and we are back outside, the racing was very good, although somewhat slow. I heard this crackle and to my amazement it was a fully tweaked Yamaha turbo which was fully lowered with basically every speed option you could think of. When that thing took off it backfired when the nitrous kicked in, and was gone. 158mph is pretty fast, even in a car its wicked, but this thing was furious. I wondered if I would even enjoy something that wicked…and yes, I probably would be scared but what the hell, you only live once. TJ did quite well, with 4 classes, he got two 1st place, one 2nd, and never even ran in the last class. I think the top speed of his day was something like 80.6 in 1000’. The award section of the contest is always a little better when your bringing home the dope, but this one was a festival, everyone was having a great time. We ended up kicking our selves out after a while because we did have to drive back to Wisconsin Dells, the day was a huge success.

So the rest of the winter we will be praying for snow and hoping to get back up there, for any type of snowmobile event.The people that snowmobile are not unlike boaters in that its like a huge family. Even the grumpy people are friendly when there sleds are nearby. TJ made a point to mention that most snowmobilers are this way and cited a few occasions where fellow snow folk had saved him from some predicament or another. So I figure I will pay it forward by mentioning them here.

We are now setting up the Castle Rock Lake Experience web portal in hope that it will force us to be in the best place possible, near the lake. Summer will be here soon and our goal is to have people moderating the forum and blog so that content is in its purest form, so that being said if you have a desire to moderate a forum please contact us and we will get you squared away.
The biggest thing we need is people who have a genuine interest in boating, fishing, and just having a good time on the lake.

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